UltraYellow Protection From UltraViolet Rays

Ultrayellow protection from ultraviolet rays, Atlantic City.

Just a quick note to say I'm back from Atlantic City just when everybody else is heading to the shore for Labor Day Weekend. Even if I brought two digital cameras with me on my week-long trip, I opted to shoot more with my humble celfone camera for instant Flickr-tweeting. This is one of my fave beach photos from an early morning walk. Clever how they attached sand bags on the umbrella's base to secure its position. The Atlantic Ocean can be turbulent and slap the shore with winds that can whisk away your beach umbrella to Oz.

OHMYGOD it's September! Which just so happens to be my birthday month! And I'm spending my birthday as well as an aunt's 50th later this month in the "Windy City"---Chicago!

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witsandnuts said...

So it's your month! I agree that the sand bag's purpose on the beach is a nice idea.

Sinta said...

We're now in the 'ber' months! yay :) Lovely photo, I wish I lived somewhere near some sand. Nothing like a beach and waves to make you feel so much better.

fortuitous faery said...

witsandnuts: yes, it is!

sinta: i'm 2 hours away from atlantic city, but i think i'll take that as against living somewhere land-locked. :P

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