I just love it when triple numbers hit the calendar. Personally, the dates 5-5-05 and 8-8-08 were significant for me. But this year, the triple 9 is bringing with it Beatlemania via Rockband.

The wildly popular game that unleashes the inner rocker in you in the comfort of your own home is once again cashing in on the wildly popular boyband from "Across the Universe"--err, Pond, I mean. The game we own on Wii is "Rockband 4," and I've already played nearly all playable songs there are in that one. "The Beatles Rockband" game alone costs $59.99, but if you're feeling like you "Can't Buy Me Love" and instead would like to buy the ultimate Beatles Rockband set, complete with replicas of instruments used by the Fab Four (such as John Lennon's Rickenbacker 325 guitar), then this British invasion maybe something your wallet might welcome and actually surrender to. Just remember, the "Taxman" will be watching your purchase.

Stores like Target (featured on this flyer) are taking advantage of this game's momentous release by selling you a 32" LCD HDTV and Beatles CDs.

Here's what the game looks like:

In case you're wondering, I'm not buying. Yet.

Another thing to look forward to on the 9th is the futuristic animated feature produced by Tim Burton aptly called "9." Whenever you see Tim Burton's name in the credits, you know it's going to be phenomenal. And it has a star-studded cast of voices: Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly, Jennifer Connelly, Christopher Plummer and Crispin Glover.

Who knew the world's future depended on the hands of nine oddball rag dolls? The soundtrack, by the way, is kickass.

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witsandnuts said...

Woweeee! I want this! Pero I want to buy it pag discounted na. Heehee. I'll check if available na dito sa UAE.

Sidney said...

"and I've already played nearly all playable songs there are in that one."

Did you already posted the results on YouTube? :-)

Sinta said...

On the way to work I realised the 9-9-9 and mentally tried to calculate how often can something like that.. well 1-1-1 to 12-12-12 only. So after 2012 we may have to wait 88 years till we can use this little trick :D Geeky, yes.

I saw the trailer for Tim Burton's 9 and love it! Can't wait to watch it.

ms firefly said...

oh i like! tim burton is indeed synonymous to phenomenal.

Anonymous said...

I think the date is a good excuse to do anything and everything. People are getting married and doing C-sections! http://www.newsy.com/videos/9_9_09_the_day_that_was. But the movie looks way cool. Here's a Tim Burton film which (finally) doesn't have Johnny Depp in it.

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