Fertile Myrtle Beach

September is the time when leaves turn amber. Temperatures get colder. Autumn replaces summer.

But down in South Carolina, it's not just about the beaches, but also Myrtle Beach Golf. There, the grass is always greener and it's always "tee time" for people taking advantage of Myrtle Beach Golf Packages.

My family went to Myrtle Beach last spring and I came to the conclusion that Myrtle Beach has something for everybody: the beach, the Calabash Seafood restaurants on virtually every corner, and lots of places to Golf Myrtle Beach: both regular golf courses and mini-golf courses.

I've never really tried golf other than on the computer. Perhaps if I get the chance to experience any of the featured Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations out there, then maybe I can find out if I have a Tiger Woods in me just waiting to be unleashed. For now, I have Chicago as my first Fall destination!

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jessfromscratch said...

I'd pick Chicago over Myrtle. I tried golf once and a driving range a couple times. Definitely wasn't my cup of tea...basically i stinked. It's better to stick to the Wii lol.

fortuitous faery said...

haha, yeah...wii is a safer place to start with those swings. :P

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