Lechon Love

Roast pig, anyone? Lechon love!

Two roast pigs in two days over the weekend: the first was at a toddler’s Tinkerbell-themed birthday party (actual lechon above), and the second was at our Filipino picnic by the lake which ended up being held indoors because of a day-long thunderstorm. The presence of this porky feast elicited conversations of how to combat excess poundage. I half anticipated my nurse practitioner friend to mention best diet pills, but instead, she preached “exercise.”

Then, we munched on a crunchy morsel of pig skin laced with brown gravy, digesting the common guilt we shared in silence.

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Marites said...

cholesterollific! i heard that the lechon in the States do not taste as better in Pinas. is that true?

fortuitous faery said...

it depends where you get your lechon around here. i just found out that there's chinese-style lechon, aside from the puerto rican and pinoy-style that i'm aware of. this one in the photo didn't taste that great, but the one we had the following day was crunchylicious!

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