When Nature Becomes Life's OST

Sharing some flowers from our summer garden while it's still technically summer. These were actually photographed back in July.

What I really want to talk about is how my weekend has been strangely in synch with the weather. Ever notice in movies how there's a scene with a haunted house in some dark forest, then thunder and lightning suddenly break the eerie silence, then a wolf wails in the distance?

It's been somewhat like that for me recently. No, not the horror kind of elemental manifestations, but the uncanny way nature has been cuing itself at the right time, as if I'm in a disaster movie and there's a production crew hiding somewhere in the background.

We've been having thunderstorms. I left the house one day and it was still sunny, and as I drove back, the wind started to shake off the leaves from the trees, forming invisible little funnels in front of me. The sky had darkened and raindrops started to fall. Science dictates the process why rain occurs, but I know that heaven was crying that time.

You know what the song was on the radio just moments before this storm broke? The one that goes, "There's a calm before the storm...." I kid you not.

I also had the rare chance to see a rainbow in the sky at 7:30PM while driving. The strange thing here in the States is how light it can still be at such a late hour, even when you consider the Daylight Saving Time factor. Rainbows are said to be a lucky omen, a sign of renewed hope. It was a remarkable sight against the grey sky, a contrast of colors and circumstances.

Then, in the wee hours after midnight, thunder shook our house as it made contact somewhere in the distance. It was a long crack of thunder, like somebody dropped a bomb.

Somebody did drop a bomb. Well, not literally.

Try it sometime. I mean, observing nature. Don't just stop and smell the roses. Listen to the little cricket, look at the bird that flew by. If you look hard enough, you'll notice that it's telling you something, or is at least empathizing with you.

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Anonymous said...

oh wow lovely flowers. my smile was mega watts.

plaridel said...

you should send all those rains in california. we don't have enough this year.

witsandnuts said...

I love the sounds of nature especially of the raindrops.

Sidney said...

Beautiful flowers but your story could fit in a horror movie ! ;-)

doi said...

nice shots! I love the picture of the flowers.

ms firefly said...

how were you feeling then, amidst the rain, the dark clouds, the crack of thunder?

most of the time, the weather dictates my mood...or at least, i let it affect my mood. everyday is a surprise too because the weather doesn't always give the same feelings, rain could mean sad and delicious at different times. over here, everybody talks about the weather...they even greet you with it..."lovely weather isn't it?!"

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