Small Plane Crash Landed at Rockaway Mall

At around noon today, my sister texted me that a plane had crashed at our local mall's parking lot. I had imagined that it was a commercial plane, but thankfully it was just a small Cessna plane which made an emergency landing after it experienced engine trouble in the air.

What's amazing is that nobody was hurt--not the pilot instructor, nor his student pilot, nor any shoppers that may have been nearby. No damage to any cars either, the plane was manipulated onto a clear spot in the parking lot.

This afternoon, we had seen many news vans parked near the JC Penney entrance where the incident occurred. No signs of the plane's debris were visible on the ground, save for some powdery remnants which may have been from the fire extinguishers used. Took photos of the news vans for posterity. Failed to spot a goodlooking news reporter.

4 vandalized my wall:

Sidney said...

I guess you also missed the good looking pilots... ?

fortuitous faery said...

exactly, sidney! haha.

witsandnuts said...

It's good everyone's safe. Lol on goodlooking pilot!

ms firefly said...

bummer on the failure to record ANYONE goodlooking. please try again. haha!

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