Not For Hemophobes!

Please read that carefully...it's HEMO-phobes, as in "hemo" for blood.

So since I'm the type who gives--blood, that is--I pursued my plan to donate last Friday at the mall. Exhibit A here shows you my rather enlarged right arm which looks more like a thigh. I blame its supine position on the arm rest and the close perspective, but yes, it's also a given that I have flabby arms.

I'm really a righty and usually donate with my left arm, but to combat monotony, I agreed to use my right arm this time. This photo was taken with my celfone held by my left hand.

My right hand is clutching an earth stress ball which I'm told to pump every five seconds to induce continuous blood flow into the bag I'm supposed to fill. Why would anybody create stress balls that look like our planet? It just seems so wrong to squish the earth in your hands.

Every donor was given a $20 mall gift card which I got to use right away. (Two scarves from American Eagle Outfitters on sale for only $4 each!)


I liked the New Jersey Blood Services' bloodmobile better than theirs.

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Kayni said...

Thank you, thank you for the blood donation...lol. I'm on for another blood work next week, hopefully, I don't need anymore blood. Blood donations really make a huge difference.

fortuitous faery said...

you're welcome, kayni! :P

and i hope things turn out well on your appointment.

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