I'm The Type Who Gives

I'm about to do my routine "good deed" tomorrow, that is, donating blood. Did you know that you can donate whole blood every 56 days? I signed up for another blood center about 56 days ago, the Blood Center of New Jersey. I'm also a registered donor for the New York Blood Center's NJ Division.

Donating blood is an intimate gift to a stranger in need, whether it's a child or an adult who might be bedridden and is on social security disability. I'm a type O+, which means I'm a universal donor--I'm compatible with any blood type. It's literally giving a part of yourself so that someone can go back "in the pink of health." Well, it helps that I'm getting a $20 mall gift card in return!

Meanwhile, my father will undergo a procedure next week and I'll make sure that I will be there with him. Family comes first. I'm praying that everything goes well.

This post is dedicated to witsandnuts' Blogoversary/Birthday Giveaway which asks us to share how we're going to brighten up someone's day--specifically, someone we already know AND a complete stranger(s). It wasn't so hard to comply with the instructions.

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pusa said...

wow nd ka natatakot sa turok!

Anonymous said...

oh wow this is a very cool way to give! i admire you for what you are doing. back in the local blood bank, i also meet people like you and they are just amazing, just as you are. in behalf of the health care service, thank you so much for your good deed.

witsandnuts said...

I hope to try this someday. I hope soon, but not here, in the Philippines though. Lol. Thanks for joining!

ms firefly said...

ohhh, what a great way to help strangers indeed! ^-^

i've never donated blood ever. because i was never 50Kg or more in my life. ^-^

ms firefly said...

and i hope everything goes well with your father...medical procedure?

Kayni said...

my thoughts and prayers for your Dad. thank you for donating your blood because i've been a recipient of a blood transfusion a year ago.

fortuitous faery said...

thanks all for your kind thoughts nd prayers!

pusa: sanay na ako eh...sa una lang naman masakit! :P

Glenda said...

you're so brave!

when my dad needed blood transfusion a few years ago and people volunteered to donate blood, i vowed to myself that i would donate every time the opportunity arises.

although i have yet to be considered a good blood donor candidate (i have low blood pressure which always prevented me from being a blood donor in the past), i am always first in line whenever there is a blood donation drive in our community. you never know, one of these days, i might be given the chance to do it. :-)

fortuitous faery said...

thanks, glenda!

and bless your generous soul, despite the low blood pressure. :)

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