"I'm Thinking Arby's"


So my sister and I checked out the new Arby’s in our neighborhood. That spot used to be occupied by Boston Market, which we miss having.

Armed with coupons received in the mail, we tried their combo meals which boasted of beef burgers that aren’t fried, but roasted. We’ve never had Arby’s before, so I set aside thoughts of apatrim and welcomed this new fast food experience.


The guy who called out order number for pick-up sounded like a sports commentator in his well-modulated enthusiasm.

"Number 31. Number thiiiirty-wuuuuuuuun!"

That was us.


Number 31 consisted of two different roastburger meals and hearty curly fries. Thinly sliced beefy goodness in multiple layers made our stomachs happy. But what I liked best about Arby's is their assortment of custom condiments like "Horsey sauce" and "Sweet Three Pepper sauce." It sure beats boring ketchup! I'm crazy for condiments like that.

Will we come back here? I'm thinking YES.

5 vandalized my wall:

ms firefly said...

i want me some curly fries too!!!

witsandnuts said...

Like Mc Donald's twister fries. I miss!

Glenda said...

those look good!

Garando said...

Roasted burger patties... I'll definitely go for that! Anything's better than those greasy burgers at McDonald's! :D
Jollibee on the other hand doesn't look too greasy probably because the mayo absorbs the oil very well. hehe

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

I like Arby's curly fries. so perfectly spiced and curled like Shirley Temple's hair.

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