Blogging on a Bus

...Bound for the Big Apple. Never had web access on my celfone before,
so this is technically my first mobile post for Fairywinkle. When I
get to Manhattan, I'm checking in at a hotel then hop on the subway
to St. Patrick's Cathedral where I need to pray...hard. Summoning
divine intervention to channel Drop Dead Diva-ness. By the way, this
bus stinks.

4 vandalized my wall:

Oman said...

Good Luck FF and stay safe.

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

congrats on your first mobile post.

sailormoon said...

hi brit! are you done with your ny trip? hope everything was cool :)

by the way, please tell me kung kelan ka free ha. your friends here are requesting for a video conference with you. sobrang dami kaming kwento!

fortuitous faery said...

lawstude and jen: thanks!

sailormoon: tapos na...sa wakas.

hmmm...mga kwento ba yan about the bridal showers? umulan ba ng todo? hehe.

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