We Will, We Will, Rock Band You!

Behold our house guests from Manila last April entranced by Rock Band 2 on our Wii. They were so engrossed with playing it that they resolved to buy their own console, the more expensive Guitar Hero set, and the physically stimulating Wii Fit. They flew back to the Philippines with all three. They had their dad to finance their gaming shopping spree.

I was skeptical about Rock Band the first time we got it. I didn’t get how you were supposed to hit the notes. I did figure it out eventually, and hogged the guitar ever since, pretending to be the long-lost band member of Bon Jovi, strum-synching to "Living on a Prayer."

Instrumentally speaking, we only have the guitar and the drum set, not the microphone. We bought them from a closing out sale by Circuit City. We figured that if we wanted to sing, we'll just drown ourselves in Bacardi and karaoke. But still, look at how far videogames have come from the ancient Nintendo Game & Watch (a handheld game, albeit way analog).

I'm happy with the fact that you can scroll around the world on the Wii menu to see what the weather is like on any major city (with actual rain sounds if it's rainy), and even read syndicated news around the globe as they're updated (with specific map locations)...provided, of course, that there's a WiFi signal in your home.

Now, what's the difference between a DS and a DS Lite? (I'm tempted to say, "Lite") Beats me, but ShopWiki has "sub-wikis" on their pages to educate any curious gamer, as well as display all stores available selling a DS Lite. No need to wait for electronics flyers in the mail...the shopping info you need is just one click away!

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witsandnuts said...

Haha, I loved Guitar Hero. It makes me feel like a rockstar. =) This reminds me that I need to work it out again with Wii Yoga. Haven't been doing it for weeks now.

fortuitous faery said...

yes, these games are cathartic, it lets you feel what it's like to be a rock star on tour! they even have live competitions around here for rock band/guitar hero players!

Garando said...

I want a Wii and a DS!! But I doubt I'll ever have time to play... :(
We actually have Rock band at the office, but was never successful to convince people to play with me. Oh well...

fortuitous faery said...

garando: i think we also have a sony playstation 2 tucked away somewhere in the house, but it's never seen the light of day! :P

you have boring officemates to not play rockband with you. not all workplaces have rockband for their employees! lucky you!

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