Revenge of the Robots (More Cars to Greet the Eye)

The summer movie season kicks off with “Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen,” the much-awaited sequel to the smash robotic hit from Planet Hasbro, showing today in theaters.

Another round of muscle cars/alien robots in disguise…and the countless movie tie-ins such as that with the shiny new Versa celfone by LG. The commercial boasts its multiple functions in true Transformers fashion. Excuse me, what’s QWERTY? Sounds quirky to me!

The first Transformers movie featured a lot of American cars for patriotic pride, as it was shown on Fourth of July holiday. Bumblebee, who transforms into “Satan’s Camaro,” is a Chevy baby. Iron Hide unravels his hide as a modified GMC Topkick C4500 pickup truck.

Now, I’m not all that conversant with cars and anything that has to do with them. When I need some automobile-related enlightenment, I turn to my father who is such a car fanatic that gasoline probably runs in his veins and his vessels are probably a series of spark plugs. The fact that he practically drove all his life for a living is a big factor. I didn’t inherit his “vroom-vroom” attitude, my sister did. She even learned how to drive before I did, practicing on our jeepney back in the Philippines.

So yes, when my father goes online, he surfs a lot about cars. Name a model, he has a ready opinion and a price quote. He’ll enumerate random vehicles such as GMC trucks, Ford Mustang, Audi Q7, etc. He’ll also be more than happy to share a candid Chevy Silverado review if you request it. He even wanted to work as a car salesman at one point here in the States.

When my family went to Germany last year (without me), he was beyond stoked to find out that the taxis there are Mercedes Benzes. He and my sister were even tempted to rent a Porsche so they can go racing like the wind in the autobahn—apparently, they say, people don’t get caught for speeding there, unlike here in the States.

Not sure when I’ll be able to watch this movie, though. I also have Disney’s “Up” on my list.

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doi said...

shacks! i'm still to watch this movie and i can't wait na! hehehe

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