Gone Too Soon

It would seem insensitive of me not to blog about the Late King of Pop.

Every TV channel is broadcasting Michael Jackson tributes and stories 24/7 since the shocking news aired that one can't help but be depressed. This is one artist who has touched the lives of people around the world for decades, with songs that crossed borders, covered a million times by other artists, and didn't care if you were "Black or White."

Writer Jessica Zafra even wrote a column about Michael Jackson two days before his death, and went online only hours before the tragic news. Eerie.

Well, here's one unique tribute by a group of inmates in Cebu, Philippines, known as the "Dancing Inmates," who became a Youtube sensation with their "Thriller" performance. Don't tell me you haven't seen that! If not, watch it here! I'm curious as to who their choreographer is! They must have some very talented jail wardens out there!

Here's their poignant tribute to Michael Jackson, featuring his songs from the Jackson Five, and somehow, they still managed to incorporate his trademark "Thriller" moves, but this time, in a sadder beat.

The angels will be moonwalking with you in heaven, Michael. Thank you for the music!

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witsandnuts said...

I read JZ's post, too. That was creepy no? I was smiling when Cebu inmates' video was being shown in CNN last Friday.

Anonymous said...

Remember the time when the man in the mirror was bad? Gone too soon indeed is the thriller that was michael.

Rest easy King of Pop.


fortuitous faery said...

wits: how thoughtful of them to come up with a tribute video, too.

dusk: i was thinking of doing an entire post using his song titles, and you came up with 2 great sentences with his best titles. :)

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