Ottawa Noir (or Black Things in Ottawa)

A photographic collection of all things black seen in Ottawa.

The Black Tomato Restaurant at Byward Market. When lycopene turns to the dark side.

Itchy Bitchy Spider sculpture outside the National Gallery of Canada. It's actually called "Maman," French for mother. This is the artist's sculptural ode to her mother. Seriously. Not recommended for arachnophobes.

Groom-to-be strutting along Byward Market in a little black dress and heels. I yelled "Congrats!" at him after taking his photo. He thanked me.

Black squirrel near Rideau Canal. I didn't know black squirrels existed, having gotten used to the brown ones in our Jersey neighborhood. My sister tried to feed him a piece of carrot cake leftover, which he ate. He responds when you call him! Wags his brush-tail like a dog, too.

Black Beauty. I mean, a black horse carrying tourists.

3 vandalized my wall:

Wil said...

Who knew squirrels eat carrot cake? =)

The groom is wearing a skirt. uhh ... ok. :D

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

Who what a great concept! Abstraction of the colour black in Ottawa! :)

fortuitous faery said...

wil: on hindsight, i think we shouldn't have fed it carrot cake. you know, being that human food fed to wild animals disrupts their natural appetite and such.

it must be a stag party thing that prompted them to make the groom wear lady's clothing.

jen: thanks, jen! sometimes i see patterns in my photos when i look at them after a trip. it's also a great way to show photos. :P

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