From Bizarre Foods to Bizarre Bite Marks!

The Travel Channel has a new catch phrase, "Catch the Travel Bug." Well, with their new show, they mean it literally--and the critters actually bite you!

I'm referring to "Bite Me with Dr. Mike." If traveling chef Andrew Zimmern and his tastebuds explore the world's "Bizarre Foods" which sometimes has him eating bugs, this show starring virologist Dr. Mike Leahy (with a PhD in virology and molecular biology from Oxford University) has bugs that bite him back! (With his consent, of course!)

If there's Fear Factor, this one is Extreme Fear Factor! I was able to watch parts of the pilot episode on Tuesday night in which he allows himself to be bitten by a Bullet Ant in the jungles of the Amazon. He's crazy about critters, but carries a deep respect for them as well. Why? Because after that painful ant bite, he doesn't squish the crawling culprit into a pulp! View a videoclip of him with Brazilian Fire Ants:

Masochistic much? It makes for an entertaining educational show about the lethal insects that could! Remember, don't watch this show while eating! Next episode, he'll be offering his body to the leeches in India, and that's very unappetizing!

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