ladies have this innate infatuation with shoes and accessories...handbags included. i prefer huge bags, the kind that can fit my camera(s), a water bottle, miss iggy, and tons of brochures that i tend to hoard whenever i find myself in new york city. that's why i chose this bag from a marshall's store for my birthday last year. i love browsing their surplus designer handbags. it's instant bag therapy for the budget-conscious.

but if i don't want to leave home, there's also wholesale handbags available online for me to peruse. it's like ebay exclusively for handbags! other categories available, too.

2 vandalized my wall:

Marites said...

really nice bag, i tend to buy big bag nowadays too for the same purpose.

fortuitous faery said...

yup, with big bags, i can take my whole closet with me! haha. well, not really! :P

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