conan's first night

so last night was conan o'brien's first ever episode as the new host for "the tonight show," succeeding jay leno's 17-year stint in said TV franchise in LA. conan left new york city for glitzy LA for this new job.

i didn't get to see the whole episode, but i did catch some of the intro jokes (involving choco tacos) and his videoclip taking over the tram ride at the universal studios lot. those tourists were so lucky to have him there! as they passed the bates motel set for "psycho," conan yells at the live actor playing the killer, "corduroy is hot! commit a crime at night!"

his first ever guest was will ferrell, who promoted his new movie, "land of the lost." ferrell also bragged about his being nominated for a tony award this year.

during a commercial break, i finally got to see conan's budweiser commercial, part of which i actually saw in times square last october. i didn't know then that it was going to be one of the superbowl ads. they were supersecret about what the shooting was about, even as the crowds started closing in on conan's perimeter. now i know what the taxi scene was for. here's that beer spot with conan in it:

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