sleepless in orlando

hey y'all, i'm back from my disney vacation and have tanned from the florida sunshine and am enduring this terrible neck pain from all those extreme roller coaster rides. the ones at universal studios really gave my cervical bones a (whip) lashing.

i'm actually still grieving over the loss of my digital camera (a sony cybershot 5.1 megapixel camera, silver color, loaned by my sister) which contains over 700 photos from our entire trip. this happened on my final day in orlando. i had unfortunately lost it during the last ride at universal studios: the jimmy neutron simulator ride. i failed to properly zip up my sling purse and my camera and celfone all came tumbling down. i was only able to retrieve my celfone later that day...the folks at the ride said someone had turned in my celfone, but not my camera. losing my camera at a major vacation is one of my worst nightmares, and it did happen.

i've phoned universal studios' lost and found center twice already, and nobody has turned in my camera. i'm thinking that if it wasn't squished into a metallic pulp underneath those mobile seats inside the jimmy neutron ride, some dark-hearted soul decided to keep the camera. after all, he/she can just easily erase the photos on that 4GB memory stick and use the camera, or sell it on ebay.

i'll try calling again in a few days...but i've accepted my grim photographic fate. it's frustrating, but life has to go on. i learned my lesson the hard way. i only have a few photos on my extra camera. i still have this tiny glimmer of hope that my camera will be returned to me, but the chance of that happening seems like an impossible dream. anyway, thanks to disney's "photo pass," i still have those professionally photographed moments with the disney characters. i have to pay for them online, though.

i got to hug and shake hands with mickey and the gang! i visited all four theme parks at disney world and universal studios...it's a dream come true. and guess what, i conquered my fear of driving in the interstate highway! mastered cruise control-driving, too. it was exhilarating! it was a magical week--up until my camera's disappearance, that is.

anyway, i'm sharing with you my first actionsampler photos which i took with that supercheap actionsampler i bought from ebay. after only two rolls of film, it broke. it was fun while it lasted, and here are a few specimens. (i just bought another actionsampler from ebay, slightly more expensive)

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Mia said...

love your set :)

fortuitous faery said...

thanks, mia!

gingmaganda said...

soooo sorry to hear about your camera. grabe, that sucks big-time.

did you get to see jack sparrow? =)

witsandnuts said...

I'm sorry to hear about losing your cam. I'm glad though that you had a great time. Welcome back!

Oman said...

im sorry for the loss of ur cam. that happened to me when i was in galera a couple of years ago. my cam got lost on my last day together with lots of images of the island that i have taken for 3 days.

but i am glad you had fun in disneyland. incidentally, i was just in disneyland-hongkong last week and will post about it soon.

and about galera, i have also returned to that place last month and will also share my pics soon.

have a nice day ff.

fortuitous faery said...

ging: yes, nakakapanlumo talaga. anyway, yes i did see jack sparrow! at buti na lang, andun yung pix at videoclip niya on my other camera, so i'll upload it soon. :P i rode the pirates of the carribean ride, too!

witsandnuts: i lost my wits about that damn camera! now i hate jimmy neutron forever! haha. thanks for the welcome greeting.

lawstude: thanks for the sympathy...so you know how i feel based on your own experience. ah well, karma will get that heartless person! time to move on! :P

Marites said...

that's really sad. I hope you'll still be able to recover your cam. those are one of a lifetime memories in there.

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