kissimmee, beneath the milky twilight

guess what....i'm about to hit the road again! by a fortuitous turn of events, i'm tagging along for a 20-something-hour drive to florida today! i've "reluctantly" agreed to be the alternate driver on the longest road trip i'll ever experience here in the states (beating my recent trip to savannah, georgia). you may remember me blogging about my non-passion for driving on the highway. but i've always wanted to go to florida, so here's my chance! i'm facing my fear for some florida sunshine!

my godmother from the philippines is here touring the east coast with her family, and florida is on their itinerary. they want someone to take with them who knew the interstate highways and how to distinguish the signs and exits, and traveling by car in general.

we'll be staying at the polynesian isles resort in kissimmee, a time share property owned by my godmother's husband's sister. we're staying there for a week! i've already received my free orlando and florida maps and travel guide from AAA to help me plan our vacation.

i'm looking forward to exploring orlando and maybe even shake hands with a mouse named mickey. after all, the disney theme parks are only minutes away! (but tickets to disney world are soooo expensive!) if i'm able to bring a notebook, i might be able to blog a bit, otherwise, i'll be mostly twittering through my celfone.

we'll be on the road by the time this blog is posted (friday morning). i'll be back in the merry month of may!

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ms firefly said...

yay, another vacation!
enjoy your trip and be safe!

Anonymous said...

Sarap naman ng bakasyon hehe! Ingat po sa daan. Don't drink and drive. Keep off the grass. Basta driver, sweet lover ;)

Four-eyed-missy said...

Bakasyon-grande si FF. Is Miss Iggy tagging along too?

Ingat sa daan.

Oman said...

wow. a well-deserved vacation. we will wait for your stories and photos faery. :)

Marites said...

wow..another vacation and you're driving:) have a fun time!!!

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