lighten up, libra! all you need is loooove!

astrologer holiday mathis gives sign-specific tips for "lightening up", and today's column has this to say for librans such as myself:

"LIBRA: Fall in love. As the sign of partnership, you can find reasons to fall more deeply for the same person again and again. Or if you're single, you have no problem flipping for someone new, no resistance whatsoever. Romance alters your brain chemistry and sweeps you into the realm of effervescent — so go ahead."

ha! i have "no problem?!" maybe if i were a penguin, i wouldn't have any problems finding someone. mother nature made mating so convenient for them, like it's hardwired in their DNA to find someone at a specific time in their lifespan.

brain chemistry alteration...i really need that. i need to "nourish my brain," so to speak. a food technologist friend once told me to eat chocolates right before an exam. i just bought a small jar of nutella when i saw it was on sale at $2.99. dunked some ritz biscuits in it for a hazelnut high. another friend taught me this trick, but she had used bread sticks...similar to those yan-yan treats.

when romance is in absentia, a poor girl like me only has food to turn to for that "effervescent experience." honestly, though, i think of carbonated drinks when i hear the word "effervescent." anyway, this new minute maid commercial cracks me up, and awakened a thirst in my grey matter for real nourishment.

3 vandalized my wall:

Sidney said...

Hehehehe.....funny commercial.
And yes...why not take some food for the brain !

Marites said...

Funny but am a Libran too. Gosh, it's not so easy to fall in love nowadays. It's much easier to get drunk or as you said, drown in nutella. Cute commercial:)

ms firefly said...

LMAO this is hilarious! i had to watch it again and again, just my kind of comedy. hehe

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