something fisheye this way comes

i had actually bought a used fisheye camera from ebay last month. i was hoping to take it with me to florida then. when the camera arrived, i was in a test-shoot frenzy around the house, but was very disappointed when its flash wasn't working no matter how many times i changed the battery.

i pointed this out to the seller, who had advertised that the camera "works perfectly." she swore that the flash was working before she sent it to me, but i told her it really wasn't. so she suggested that i just send back the camera for a full refund, and i did.

i used up one roll on a cloudy day, and as mentioned above, with a defective flash. the photo above is our backyard garden gnomes.

these are the pink cherry blossoms from our neighbor's tree. the other photos in that roll of film were just too dark, so i'm not posting them.

it's funny, it's like i just loaned a fisheye from ebay to try it out.

4 vandalized my wall:

Mia said...

Too bad it didn't work. At least you'll get your money back :)

ms firefly said...

and at least, you've got that beautiful cherry blossoms shot! it's perfect!

Sidney said...

yes...but too bad it was defective !

fortuitous faery said...

mia, msfirefly and sidney: i did get my money back. it seems lomo cameras i get from ebay just don't like me! haha.

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