another one ties the knot

another one of my friends in the philippines is taking "the plunge" this year, but i won't be there on her special day. only two years ago, i personally toured her around new york city, atlantic city, dingman's ferry in pennsylvania, and in these photos: niagara falls, new york. together, we rode the "maid of the mist" boat ride for the first time for a close encounter with the falls.

here she is at a very prophetic mural outside the hard rock cafe in niagara falls. at the time, she had told me about getting hitched in about five years. two years later, she's about to say "i do."

everyone around me is either getting married or having babies. i, on the other hand, am stuck in this sorry state of being a perpetual test-taker. back in the day, i used to be "ahead of the game" with the opposite sex. today, i'm just quite the opposite.

i want to believe that happiness in life isn't measured by whether or not you get married, whether you make lots of money. i do know that i want to see the world. in the end, i just want to be happy.

and although i can't be there to see you walk the aisle, my friend, i also wish for your happiness.

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Oman said...

don't worry. be happy.

sailormoon said...

hey! what's with the melodrama? hehe.. don't worry, i will be there naman sa wedding ng friend natin na yan. mr. iggy & i will make sure that everything's covered - you won't miss a thing! :)

Sidney said...

Your time will come... I can almost imagine your future post about your wedding...your twelve children... ;-)

ms firefly said...

aww, everyone's story is different from each other, and yours is just as beautiful and as unique. marriage is not the end-all, be-all after all, so as long as you are happy, then that's what matters most in life. ^-^

i have four friends getting married in the philippines this year too. and i'm sad that i couldn't be there! *sob*

Princess Ody said...

i'm holding a cup of tea and saying, cheers to happiness and seeing the world! :)

witsandnuts said...

I missed a lot of weddings already for being miles away for more than a year. I liked that photo with Beatles wordings on. =)

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