my sister running along the shores of atlantic city for my actionsampler last month. she's going to puerto rico this wednesday. with her boyfriend. no, i'm not going with them. i've been bugging her to remember to send me a postcard from there, though. it's still american territory, so she can use U.S. stamps.

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ms firefly said...

i always associate puerto rico with dayanara torres. ^-^

have u got a new camera now?

fortuitous faery said...

i associate PR with ricky martin and menudo! haha.

getting a new camera isn't in my budget right now...i still have my old digital cameras as back-up anyway. the camera i lost was actually my sister's. :P

fortuitous faery said...

oh, if you're referring to this actionsampler camera i used, i got it supercheap on ebay in the spring. it broke after the 2nd roll of film! haha.

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