roxy the explorer (suitcase)

meet roxy, my favorite carry-on luggage on wheels. the brand IS roxy, and i chose it for the eye-catching polka-dot design (great for spotting your own luggage at the airport) and coated canvas surface. this means that it's dirt-proof, and it's easy to wipe off any smudge that might stick to it. it's carried everything from books to lingerie to goldilocks polvoron.

this lucky suitcase has been to great britain, the philippines (twice already), albany, manhattan, and here in this photo: atlantic city. roxy is standing by the entrance to bally's wild wild west casino at the boardwalk.

what's the next destination? south carolina! my family is driving down south to myrtle beach, where the atlantic ocean is hopefully a bit warmer compared to its jersey counterpart. we're spending holy week/easter weekend there, and my mom's birthday, which happens to fall on good friday. only downside i can think of about this easter escapade is that i can't make my deviled eggs recipe yet again!

looking forward to experiencing "southern hospitality" and getting an earful of that southern drawl. i'll try to be on twitter at the hotel's wi-fi, but i can't promise any blog posts. we leave around midnight tonight (wednesday a.m.) because we want to be there by noon-ish on wednesday. it's a 12-hour trip by road!

y'all have an egg-citing easter, ya hear?

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Marites said...

a friend has been talking about myrtle beach and he said, it's really nice there. So, have fun! Btw, nice to meet roxy! :)

Oman said...

i agree, you will not have trouble spotting that on airports. i usually go with a boring black. i just put large hankie or even stickers just to spot my bag easily.

have a meaningful lenten season to you and GOD bless us.

MamaGirl said...

Hi Roxy... and where is Miss Iggy? Hehehe.
I know, I know... I haven't been posting Khmer Iggy's postcards yet. Gatinamad pa ako *lol*

Four-eyed-missy said...

Sorry, the comment above should have been from me -- Sreisaat -- I forgot that I was tweaking my sister's (MamaGirl) blog template and forgot to log in to my account before leaving a comment. Sorry, my mistake.

Enjoy your mini-holiday!

Anonymous said...

Waw... sabik na din ako mag-beach! Ingat and enjoy. Happy birthday to mommy ;)

Nica's baptism would be this easter sunday. Wave your wand for her ok ;)

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

lucky roxy! she's been to more places than me. ^-^

and Happy Birthday to your mom!

witsandnuts said...

Your roxy is easy to spot. Maybe I should get a new bag before vacationing this year. I'm using a black one and do tie a ribbon or any mark.

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