peter rabbit and his army of chocolate bunnies

i'm back from myrtle beach with bits of sand still in my flipflops. i went through "weather shock" coming from warm temperatures (70's) to a freezing easter sunday morning (40's). we had arrived at 1am.

we ended up tagging along for an unplanned "side trip" to savannah, georgia (paula deen's hometown!) on friday night--another 4 hours further down south from myrtle beach. we encountered easter/spring break traffic down I-95 and our car got rear-ended from a chain reaction of sorts from a car that didn't stop soon enough on slow-moving traffic. we were completely fault-free because our car was at a full stop when it happened. luckily, our car survived the accident with just a small scratch. three cars were involved, we were at the front end of the domino effect. we exchanged names and phone numbers and i took photos of the car that directly hit us and its plate number. we were all fine, thankfully.

i'm going to have to sort through my digital photos from our trip. for now, here's my easter treat for you: little peter rabbit and his army of lindt chocolate bunnies....before i consumed them. excluding peter rabbit, of course. haha.

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ms firefly said...

happy easter con!
what an exciting weekend eh?! i'm glad you're safe and sound, and got some treats to boot from peter rabbit. ^-^

fortuitous faery said...

yes, it was a memorable vacation indeed. :)

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