grand location at the grand strand

webcam shots from my sister's acer aspire one notebook at the best western grand strand inn and suites in myrtle beach a couple of weeks ago.

yes, i held the notebook outside our hotel room and carefully shot this photo using its built-in webcam mode. our room's front door opens to this view, and that's myrtle beach (part of the "grand strand") just across the street (ocean boulevard). the building on the right is our hotel's oceanfront building (where the indoor pool and sauna bath are) which is more expensive, hence we're not there. why spend more when you're just a few steps away from the beach, anyway? there's free wi-fi, too.

turning the notebook to the left gives you this partial view of the hotel's parking lot, outdoor pool and main building. we walked there every morning for our free continental breakfast. they had waffle makers!

our room came with a kitchenette that had pots, pans, an oven, a microwave, fridge, plates, glasses and silverware. they even provided free dishwashing liquid.

this is the only hotel i've ever been to that gave its guests bath and body works shampoos and lotions in tiny bottles! my sister and i kept requesting the front desk for additional toiletries, of course. it's bloody bath and body works, for lotion's sake!!! haha.

and here's a chest self-portrait of myself wearing a "bitten" shirt by sarah jessica parker, sold by steve & barry's store. sadly, that retail chain is also a recession victim and is now non-existent. that store sold men, women and children's casual apparel and accessories for variable flat rates as low as $7.99.

another one bites the recession dust.

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caryn said...

wow, so your room was fully-equipped pala ha. and yes, i too would keep asking for additional toiletries. wahahaha! ;-)

The Becky said...

*gasp! ang laki!

ng mga letra. :P

fortuitous faery said...

caryn: wahahaha!

becky: wahahahahaha!

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