"no reservations: philippines" with anthony bourdain!

so i had lamented before how this kid's video didn't convince anthony bourdain to visit the philippines. but, like i mentioned in miss iggy's blog, he changed his mind and has flown to the philippines a few months ago to shoot an episode for his new season!

the travel channel website lists february 16th as the day for this episode--that's monday night, 10PM EST with an instant replay at 11PM. (check your local cable/satellite channel listings) so for viewers of his show in north america, mark your calendars!

this food blogger from cebu had the privilege of showing him around the "queen city of the south", and be forewarned: there will be pork! specifically, lechon! (mr. bourdain, as his fans know, is a meat-lover)

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Anonymous said...

that's good news. finally it happened. i'd make sure to mark the calendar so i don't miss the show. anthony bourdain is one of my favorite tv hosts. i've tried to follow his "be a traveler not a tourist" dictum. in my travels, i've always made it a point to make contact with the locals, visit the open market where they go and buy their daily stuff, walk the narrow alleys where they live, and use public transportation as much as possible. i hope the philippines made a good impression on him and that the lechon he tasted was as good as the ones in puerto rico and indonesia.

ms firefly said...

i miss lechon!!!!!

i love your new blue checks!

Anonymous said...

i miss eating lechon street food style! There's this lechon eating place outside of the Mabolo Church in Cebu and they only serve lechon on Sunday mornings. We used to eat breakfast there when I was still working on a Saturday night shift. Waaaa.. I'm craving for one already! also Ginabut!!! yum yum!

I hope i could watch the show on youtube...hehe

fortuitous faery said...

plaridel: i love anthony bourdain, too! he's one of the reasons i look forward to mondays aside from "heroes."

can you really equate cebu lechon with those of other places, though? i think it has a flavor uniquely its own--my cebuano friends swear by it. :P

odette: i'm trying to cut down on the pork, haha. but we do have easy access to lechon sources here in jersey. :)

doi: i do hope to get a food tour of cebu someday! and the episode might be available on youtube, so keep checking!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! sure! I'd love to show you around Cebu with all the foodtrips! :-) I'll check for it in youtube too (if i remember...hihihi)

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

I've never watched No Reservations. Now, I'm getting curious. :D

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