honesty is such a lonely word

i had to squint my eyes at the graphic to make sure it doesn't read "honest crap"...hehe. thank you to msray from hawaii for handing me this award/tag.

Honest Scrap Award Rules:

in sum, choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design to pass on this award/tag. list at least ten honest things about yourself.

  1. i love going to new york city (even by myself) because of the energy and stimulation it gives me. it's not called "the city that never sleeps" for nothing. being there makes me feel i'm part of something big. the city is so alive! there's always something to see, something happening. the tourists that come there on a daily basis are themselves an attraction apart from times square's glittering lights.
  2. i prefer friendster over facebook. i find facebook too cluttered and just complex with their gazillion apps & widgets. in fact, i think friendster, email and blogging are enough social networking tools for me.
  3. my joining postcrossing has rekindled my love for snail mail. last year, i was actually able to send 151 (!) postcards through this website. i guess that qualifies me as an addict. i've already filled a fat photo album with postcards and am stumped as to how i should store the rectangular ones.
  4. i hoard books that i don't get to read right away. i bought most of the titles in sophie kinsella's "shopaholic" series from ebay and i still haven't read one book. the first book, "confessions of a shopaholic," is already a movie showing before valentine's day! it's just that i have other "more important" (obligatory) things to read.
  5. i honestly got to speak to donita rose on mtv asia's "most wanted" (at a time when mtv was still about music videos rather than reality tv) to request a song when i still lived in pasig many, many years ago. my voice was on the air! she said something about me sounding "like a foreigner" when i told her i'm calling from the philippines. i even recorded this show on VHS while i was on the phone, but i'm not sure where that tape is now. i forgot what song i requested.
  6. a friend and i once went to robinsons metro east in cainta, rizal to watch maverick and ariel perform. we loved their reality show so much that we queued for an autograph. but then they had to leave, so we chased them and begged for a photo op! haha. we did get a photo with them...the expression on my face was one of a contorted smile as if i'm about to cry. groupie days.
  7. i won first place in an "intercollegiate filipino interpretative reading" contest in college. the plaque of merit i received misspelled my first name and indicated that i was only "2nd place." serious typo!
  8. i want to cultivate what's left of my drawing skills. my creativity has taken a back seat for the longest time. i was able to buy the unbelievably cheap graphics tablet from aldi that i spotted in their flyer months ago. i thought it was sold out, and then one day, it was right there by the checkout counter. i haven't tested the thing yet, but i'm glad i have it.
  9. when my grandmother died a few months ago, i found out through her mementos and stories of relatives how i'm just like her in some ways. i loved to remember people through cards sent in the mail like she did, and i always thought about pleasing others before thinking about my own needs like she did. i miss her dearly.
  10. i have this ridiculous gut feeling/illusion that my soulmate is somewhere in europe. i hope he finds me first. and then, we'll travel the world together. until then, miss iggy is keeping me company.
were you amused by my bean-spilling responses? i know i was! finally, i'm passing the torch to these honestly wonderful bloggers: princess ody, sreisaat, gingmaganda, meow by kate, doi, ghee, & marites.

6 vandalized my wall:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag faery! :-D

Marites said...

thanks for the tag, faery. Na-touch ako ha. Natawa ako doon sa #4 mo kasi guilty ako. I have lots of books still covered in the bookstore plastic wraps:) and yet, there I go, each time I stop by a bookstore, may book akong bili. BAd bad.

fortuitous faery said...

doi: you're welcome!

marites: haha, ako naman, marami din nabiling pinoy publications from national bookstore from last year na dinala ko dito at di pa nababasa...haha. :P

Anonymous said...

brilliant content!

wow!ita an honor naman ;) thanx,I havent done this yet.akala ko rin honest crap,hehe...

awww,i wanna go to NY someday!
pareho tayo,mas type ko ang friendster kaya di pa ako gumagawa ng account sa facebook :) whats ur addy sa friendster?ill add u up. :D

nice to know a lil more of you!ill do this later,okies?


ms firefly said...

hehe, nakakatuwa ka naman, especially chasing maverick and ariel! :D

i do wish your soulmate finds you soon. real soon. then we'll be neighbors in europe at least. hehe

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

You're a postcrossing addict,indeed. :D
And I agree with you about Friendster and Facebook. I have a facebook account and I only access it once or twice a month.

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