from dublin with love

imagine my delight when i discovered that the "firefly express" has landed in my mailbox today all the way from ireland!

msfirefly is a good blogger pal who is living in wedded bliss in the emerald isle. she's spreading some snail mail love to people who simply ask her nicely! (yes, seriously!) here's the loot, with samples of her adorable handmade cards to boot! (i ♥ the ireland postcard with the sheep!)

she just opened her etsy store called "swann&smerlin" selling her pretty, self-designed cards and more. drop by and check it out!

it's also her birthday on valentine's day and she has a special contest for everyone who wishes to join. just let her know what "happiness is" for you and you could win her gorgeous goodie bag! deadline for entries is at the end of february.

thanks for making me part of your firefly express list, msfirefly! the best part of the parcel was your thoughtful message! :)

4 vandalized my wall:

ms firefly said...

yay, thanks for the shoutout! :)
this is so sweet, i'm so touched with your friendship too. hooray to blogging and wonderful friendships!

fortuitous faery said...

it's the least i can do to say thank you! and your charming etsy store deserves some PR! :)

Four-eyed-missy said...

love her stuffs!!
i love the green, slimy frog-postcard that's begging for attention :) lucky you, FF! Can I be her friend too? hehehe.

P.S. Guess what?!? I just came back from the post office and voila -your boardwalk postcard is already here with me, along with other postcards from everywhere *happiness* Love your cute stickers, too!!

fortuitous faery said...

she's really nice, drop by her site!

she's originally from gensan so i assume she's bisaya. :)

i'm glad my postcard reached you! hehe.

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