from perfume princess to hollywood actress

camilla belle, that brazilian beauty who wears the purple-gemmed crown for vera wang's "princess" fragrance, has transcended from glossy magazine pages to the glittery hollywood big screen.

she stars in the new sci-fi action thriller "push," which also features a more grown-up dakota fanning.

the movie is about these people with telekinetic powers, so-called "movers", being hunted down by the government. sounds to me like a "heroes" plot (and curiously similar to this season's storyline)! i wondered if sylar would suddenly show up in any of the scenes.

so basically, it's a battle between mutants that are categorized as (aside from "movers"): "watchers," "pushers," "shifters," etc.

and where does the lovely camilla fit in? well, the story dictates that she's an escaped "pusher" who holds the "key" to defeating the agents hunting them down. typical...it's always the gorgeous girl who gets to be the "key" character that helps save the day. :P

haven't seen this film yet, but the reviews so far haven't been the "rave" kind. this movie is now playing in theaters.
[image from http://koso.jugem.jp/]

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Anonymous said...

never pay attention to critics. they are expected to nitpick and criticize. if i listened to them i'd never enjoy movies like the fantastic four and tomb raider.

Four-eyed-missy said...

Huh, ano daw sabi ni Plaridel?

Hemingway, Brazilian pala itong si Camilla Belle? Kakatapos ko lang mapanood ang teaser ng movie nila (Push) sa HBO. Sa tingin ko isa siya sa prettiest faces in Hollywood. Mukhang angel ano? Di ba ex-bf niya ito'ng weird-rocker dude Marilyn Manson?

fortuitous faery said...

plaridel: tombraider is the bomb!

sreisaat: sabi ni plaridel i should just go ahead and see the movie. haha.

a lot of gorgeous models are brazilian, like adrianna lima and gisele bundchen for victoria's secret.

did camilla really date marilyn manson? haha. oh, she was in that other movie "10,000 BC" pala...haven't seen that yet.

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