greetings from san mateo, rizal

it's been a week since i arrived in manila. it was a 14-hour glight from JFK to incheon in korea via korean air, in which i fell in love with their hot pepper paste that you mix into their rice bowl meal called "bimbimbap." the seaweed soup was also a delight.

during said flight, my eyes strained to watch disney's "wall-e," "my blueberry nights" by wong kar-wai, and "wanted" starring angelina jolie and james mcavoy.

4 more hours of travel at the incheon-manila leg of the trip, where a bunch of korean students wearing black "JESUS IS MY KING" shirts excitedly queued to our designated gate. they filled about half the plane.

the first thing we did after leaving NAIA was visit our beloved grandmother's wake at a memorial chapel in marikina. then we dragged our jetlagged selves in san mateo, rizal where we tried to settle our tired and grieving souls.

this is just a quick post to let you know i'm here in the philippines, clicking away at a computer rental shop (15 pesos an hour) by the foot of the boondocks of san mateo, rizal, in a countryside residential subdivision.

the funeral is over, it was at a cemetery in antipolo city, high up in the mountains. and by this serendipitous circumstance, i was also able to attend a college friend's wedding at the UP diliman's church of the holy sacrifice.

i am about to book a plane ticket to general santos city in mindanao to accompany my grandmother. there we will meet her remaining sibling, my lolo caloy whom i will meet for the very first time.

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 gmirage said...

I do hope you're feeling well and ok. take care!

Oman said...

i know you had mixed feelings but i just wanna say welcome back.

fortuitous faery said...

thank you, gzel and atty. oman! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey,,, ur here in manila! Welcome home. I wish I had contacted you sooner but I have no net access lately.

My condolences and prayers to your family.

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