pacman land, here i come!

i'm flying to manny pacquiao's hometown, general santos city (gensan), today. i'll be there for the weekend, right when the entire philippines will be all eyes on his match against oscar dela hoya.

it will be my first time to ever set foot in mindanao, as well as the new terminal 3 at NAIA. the purpose of this trip is to reunite with some relatives. actually, we'll be staying at polomolok, a south cotabato town near gensan.

i have plenty of room in my camera's memory stick. maybe i'll be back with some really big fish...who knows?

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Oman said...

hey, hey, hey. good luck on the trip and throw me some tuna sushi will yah.

be safe always.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Tuna Capital! You may watch Manny's fight live at the Gensan Gym in Lagao for FREE!

Check out my blog!


Anonymous said...

May your presence in GenSan bring goodluck to Manny!!!

Four-eyed-missy said...

Amen to that, duskfading! *lol*

Don't forget to sample tuna chicharon, FF. Kanamit guid!

Marites said...

so, you got Bisaya blood pala? Hey, the world stops in GenSan each time Pacman fights! Ganda bahay ni Pacquiao sa GenSan. Hey, if you visit Kalsangi in Polomolok. it's a must-see there.

fortuitous faery said...

thanks for the tips!

zj: i bought some tuna chicharon at gensan airport...haven't tasted it yet but i brought it back with me to NJ...

as we all know, the pacman prevailed yet again! woohoo!

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