hello kitty halloween bento

yes, i know halloween is over, but i just stumbled upon this uber-kawaii hello kitty-inspired bento box for halloween at justbento.com. i think it makes sense for the japanese to turn their famous cartoon character into a bento meal. lunch time meets cute.

hey, what's for lunch? hello kitty. haha.

this bento box was also featured on hello kitty hell, a blog maintained by an alleged hello kitty-hating husband of a woman obsessed with said sanrio character.

did you know that hello kitty is now 34 years old? that's a lot of nine lives! this feline was "born" on november 1st. pusa remembered so.

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pusa said...

wow yummy hello kitty!!! but i think i wont be able to eat this cute thing! i'll just stare at it and preserve it, i still have my hopia with hello kitty face in it from china that has been sitting in my desk for a year now LOL

Sidney said...

Hhahahaha...that is cute!

Princess Ody said...

it's too cute to eat!

fortuitous faery said...

yes, too cute to eat, indeed!

pusa...that hopia is surely expired by now! hehe.

Anonymous said...

oh, this is so cute!!! parang yokong kainin!

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