halloween hullabaloo

it's dorothy from "the wizard of oz" and her trusty dog toto! and a blue wizardess! err, "sorceress" is the gender-appropriate term, right? that's my seven-year-old cousin abigail on the right. the inspiration for her costume is her favorite show on the disney channel, "wizards of waverly place." i saw one episode in the past and felt that it's disney's way of filling the void left by harry potter.

i watched her school's halloween parade yesterday and was amused by the creative costumes worn by the kids.

this mom(?) in a red flowy skirt and matching wings (and hair) caught my eye....

...not only because of her conspicuous color, but also partly because she was the only other mom in the adult crowd wearing a costume. the other mom was minnie mouse. you can't really count my aunt's blue scrub uniform that she was wearing at the time because it's technically her work clothing.

and how adorable is this lego robot?

i didn't wear a costume this year. i figured my black "daredevil" shirt was enough. i'm happy to report that our treat supply was exhausted! well, all but two pieces. that means almost 40 kids harassed our house for candy in the name of halloween on friday night.

i'm also delighted to have joined the street parade in our town which i never knew about until this year only. it was a half-mile walk at 6pm with costumed kids and their parents on main street. we were escorted by three fire trucks. i think i was really more excited about the firemen. (♥!) haha.

here's a short videoclip of that parade with fire truck sirens in the background:

the mini-parade stopped at the church grounds where they set up some rides, a few games and inflated slides. there were free hotdogs, drinks, cotton candy, popcorn and glow sticks. i thought it was a great way to kick off a night of trick-or-treating.

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Anonymous said...

Such a festive mood there during halloweens! So nice!

Dito sa pinas... videoke lang sa sementeryo ok na...wehehe...

ms firefly said...

hehe, i saw a sumo wrestler! :P
i like the idea of the freebies, i must say what a wonderful community!

fortuitous faery said...

mona: hindi kasi uso dito ang undas...so the cemeteries are deserted on nov. 1-2 here.

odette: yup, and to think i never knew about this parade before! haha. this is where our taxes go! other places have street parties.

Anonymous said...

sa office lang ako nakakapag-Halloween kasi Pinoy tradisyon pa rin kami sa bahay. marami akong nakuhang pics sa Halloween party for kids namin sa bahay..para din akong bata na nag-enjoy heheeh! check my blog for the pics.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ganda ng halloween nyo dyan, may parade pa.


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