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Rule: List all the names you were called by and the people who call you that. Tag at least 5 members of your contacts and give a comment on their site for them to know they’ve been tagged.
okay, so let’s start....
  • mrs. mumpar-perhaps the first tease-name i got in elementary because i was always romantically linked with a classmate named mark mumpar. my joker of a seatmate named fritz even made a song out of it. i didn't end up as "mrs. mumpar"...i heard he's married and lives somewhere in north america.
  • karenina-the oldest and longest-used chat name i had back in the good old days of mIRC. the source of this username was an old philippine tv drama series with the same name...i'm sure there was one! i think the two female characters there were named karen and nina.
  • conniechiwa-one of my blogosphere names which i made up from the japanese greeting, "konnichiwa" and combined with part of my real first name. it's also my username on postcrossing.
  • tehope/ate hope-what my sister, father, aunt and younger cousins call me.
  • fortuitous faery-my other virtual name which was concocted from the legal term "fortuitous event" and my juvenile fascination with fairies. just read my "about me" for more info and redundancy.
  • besang-my typhoon name given to me by one of my professors at UST which is a derogation of my last name.
  • caridad sanchez-my celebrity look-alike as determined by that same professor.
  • mrs. gambit-what i called myself and monalisa in high school, which was later adopted by some classmates who knew of our x-men obsession.
  • brit/britney-a nickname bestowed upon me by my classmate and friend ton, who thought i reminded her of the pop singer when i donned a hat while walking in lerma, manila. my other friends began calling me that, too. another variation by the same person is "britzke."
  • jamby/jamby madrigal-who i admittedly resemble when i had a haircut and which my friends started to call me.
  • hoperini-an italian version of my name which a funny old nurse liked to call me.
  • sis-what my sorority sisters call me and how we call each other.
  • favorite niece-by certain aunts whom i seem to enchant.
  • madonna-what my videoke mates call me because i always sing madonna's songs.
  • killer queen-a recently acquired videoke name by some family friends we fondly call the "backseat boys" because they like how i can sing queen's "killer queen."
  • 'ga-a short version of the ilonggo term "pangga" which means "dear" or "beloved", by my parents, certain aunts and uncles.
this isn't a complete list because i chose to withhold some of the other names. i'm amazed at how much i recalled, though!

i'm tagging the following people: shiera, odette, monalisa, pusa, and princess ody!

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pusa said...

thanks for the tag! i'll try to do it within this week, hehehehe natatamad mab blog ang lola molately eh :)

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