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so the mystery is gone: the candles reveal my true age...i'm 30! i can no longer hide behind the veil of vagueness when asked how old i am and reply that i'm a "twenty-something." i'm as old as jollibee! the day i've been watching out for with much apprehension finally came. it's one of those inevitable things in life: aging. but with it comes the inner resolve to do the things i must do.

it rained on my birthday (yesterday)...so instead of going to new york city as i had hoped, i stayed home with my family. after all, a small party with some family friends already happened the day before. people kept remarking, "you're ONLY 30? you're STILL YOUNG!" well, they were significantly older than me so they can say that.

an aspiring lawyer friend from croatia sent me a parcel for my birthday consisting of a funky postcard, vanilla-flavored nougat candy (which my sister eyed suspiciously as potentially laced with something undesirable), and a handcrafted necklace from malta. that's the most "exotic" gift i ever received.

i ate the nougat candy today and it tasted good. i'm still alive, by the way. special thanks also go to gladys for the birthday card and postcard, and to shiera for the kawaii hello kitty birthday card from japan.

the most entertaining card i received came from a sweet romanian couple: it was a large, musical card with a fortune teller named madame delphi instructing me to click on this link to find out my birthday horoscope. want to find out yours? just enter your birthdate, then type in 2008 for the year to get your own reading. go on...try it!

the url is http://www.clickwishes.com/fortuneteller

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pusa said...

hApPy bIrThdAy!!!!

yeah 30 aint old :)

Anonymous said...

hey, happy birthday! does it really matter when you reach a milestone like that? does it make you feel different? anyhow, many happy returns of the day.

fortuitous faery said...

thanks, pusa and plaridel! yeah, 30 may just be a number, but it's a reminder nonetheless that life is short and one mustn't wait to be 50 to create a "bucket list"! hehe.

gingmaganda said...

what a pretty birthday cake! 10 years ago pa ako last nagkaroon ng birthday cake. you are speyshal indeedly!

happy birthday ulet!

ms firefly said...

oh, happy birthday dearest C!!! may your heart's desire be granted. :)

next year, i am 30 too. whew. it's a plague, everybody's havin' it!! hehe well, i know 30 is a grand age, and strangely, i'm looking forward to stepping on a new decade. :)

be happy!!!

fortuitous faery said...

thanks, ging and odette!

it's a cookie cake...it'll satisfy your giant cookie craving! but i would have preferred a goldilocks cake with all the flower icings! hehe.

Marites said...

ang cute naman ng cake mo. happy birthday!!! libran ka rin pala. mabait ka din kagaya ko :D

agent112778 said...

wow, happy bday...we have the same age kaso sa november pa ako :)

Takce care & God Bless :)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

belated bday greetings sa iyo.

more bdays to come....

God bless

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