this morning started out rainy but around 11:30am, devil domo was shocked to see the rain turn into wet snow! the kind of snow that looks like shaved ice that encrusts your freezer's interior walls. the kind of snow that turns the roads into a slushy mess.

slushy=slipppery=road accidents.

it's the first time i've ever seen snowfall before halloween. the rest of northern new jersey, new york and certain parts of pennsylvania are also shocked that it's buried in this blanket of snow at this time of the year. i mean, the leaves aren't even done falling on the ground and here we are with this unexpected onslaught of icy weather.

i tried to capture the snow as it fell in our backyard with my digicam. here's a short clip of that from this morning:

notice how it sounds like rain because it IS a mixture of rain and snow. there's also freezing winds which made it even more frightful. jack frost decided to come early this year.

p.s. domo is the official halloween mascot for target.

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Anonymous said...

ahehehehe! ang cute nung unang pichur!!! gusto ko yung doll :(

Oman said...

wowowow. thank you for the wonderful tour. your post makes me appreciate the many places that I don't usually see or ever had a chance to visit like the one you showed me in this post. great job.

shiera said...

ang aga nang winter nyo dyan!

It's still around 13C-20C here in Osaka...

fortuitous faery said...

thanks, pao and atty. oman! atty., i'm sure you'll find yourself in snowy pastures someday...just put it in your future itinerary. haha.

shiera...it's really weird we got snow this early.

gingmaganda said...

devil domo looks aghast! he's so cuuuuute.

ms firefly said...

nayy, winter na jan?!!
it looks beautiful by the way. and thanks for the video, it's awesome!

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