dunkin' beat starbucks!

i'm not much of a coffee-drinker, although i do indulge in calorie-laden sweetness in frappuccinos and frappalattes and however the frap you call those drinks every once in a while (especially around christmas time). i get my caffeine dose more from soda (gasp!) and chocolates (double gasp!).

dunkin' donuts recently revealed that they beat starbucks
in a "national blind test" where people preferred the taste of dunkin' donuts coffee over starbucks. dunkin' further boasts that "it's just more proof it's all about the coffee (not the couches or music)."

loyal starbucks-lovers (like someone i know) will probably take to the streets against this bold commercial, but you gotta admit, those "tall" cups really cost a lot. in the philippines, starbucks is more about projecting a certain image, whereas dunkin' donuts really is more about the donuts, not the coffee. it's unfortunate that dunkin' donuts' philippine franchise doesn't faithfully reflect the same coffee menu as that of its american counterpart.

when i was at the rcbc plaza in makati earlier this year for a seminar, i saw a lot of call center employees strolling about with their shiny little iphones, a cigarette, or a cup of something starbucks with the logo prominently in full view.

it's the opposite in the united states, because people go to dunkin' donuts primarily for the coffee. even rachael ray proclaims that "america runs on dunkin'."

you can see the dunkin' donuts commercial with the above declaration here. click on "spread the truth" to send e-cards with images such as the one above to torment your starbucks-loving friends. would you really do that, though? haha.

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Oman said...

wow talaga? galing naman pala dunkin donut kung ganun. cheaper but better. lols.

gingmaganda said...

this is very informative huh.

shiera said...


I'd really like to try the dunkin' donuts coffee there...

Here in Japan, they only serve iced or hot coffee... and both don't taste good.

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