aldi's graphics tablet

i believe that aldi is a godsend because of its cheap prices in this cash-strapped economy of ours. and we live close to one!

every week, they send a flyer in the mail featuring upcoming product sales and "special purchases"--electronics, household appliances and cookware at very affordable prices.

one of their flyers advertised a graphics tablet with a spacious area to write on (10"x6") for only $50! can you believe that? the wacom-branded ones cost around $200 and have smaller writing surfaces. nevermind that it's an unpopular brand (medion). if it does the same function, why spend more money?

here are the specs:
  • large sensor area: 10" x 6"
  • wireless pressure sensitive pen for painting and drawing allows you to achieve stunning effects
  • 16:9 working area
  • 1024 pressure levels
  • extensive software included
  • 2 year limited manufacturer's warranty
the flyer announced that it would be available yesterday, oct. 26th. i went to aldi today to check it out, but did not see this product. i was frustrated. i figured that something as good as this would be gone in a day. i proceeded to buy cat litter instead.

the first time i owned a desktop computer in the philippines, i was ecstatic at the many things you can do with it: internet, chat, solitaire, website-making, and mastering MS paint. i actually had the time and patience to draw things on MS paint using only a mouse! here's an old artwork with the mouse as my medium. i copied a portrait of sean lennon from a magazine photo. for those of you who don't know, sean is the offspring of john lennon and yoko ono.

see the date on the artwork? it's now 10 years old!

2 vandalized my wall:

pusa said...

wow ang galing

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

moment, saan ka ba?

tanong lang ako ha....lol

kasi meron 'Aldi..i do my grocery in aldi, too.

cheap n priceworth......

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