mamma mia!-the "movieoke" version

can't get enough of "mamma mia"? did you fight the urge to burst into song along with meryl streep (but perhaps not so much with pierce brosnan)?

well now, you can watch the movie again in its "sing-along" edition and shamelessly belt out your favorite abba songs. yes, believe it or not, they've "karaokefied" the film, so you can not only sing "dancing queen," but also become a "birit queen."

the movieoke version opens today in select theaters. check out the official website for a sing-along movie theater near you. the amc theater in our town is actually one of them! haha.

remember to turn your celfones and pagers off. voices will soar, and maybe even tomatoes? hehe...or you can always sing your favorite abba songs in the privacy of your own home with your own karaoke system.

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