wonderful (nintendo) world of mario!

as per gingmaganda's request, i visited the nintendo world store at rockefeller plaza. i've been meaning to go there, and finally had the time to do that today...despite the brain-frying weather (it was 95 degrees!).

i expected a bigger store when i heard the name the first time, but saw that the store only had two floors and that mario didn't have his own monument inside as i had imagined.

there were testing areas for the nintendo DS, wii, pokemon, and their newest product, the wii fit, and various games for such consoles.

what delighted my eyes were the numerous shirt designs featuring that famous nintendo character, super mario! shelves and shelves of shirts, sweaters, and of course, stuffed toys.

i ended up buying this shirt with mario as a fox for $12.99 (gasp!). brought back childhood memories of super mario brothers gaming marathons on good old nintendo family computer.

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Anonymous said...

I wish we could have that Nintendo World over here! I'm a big Mario fan. Isn't he cute??

I totally love your shirt!!!

gingmaganda said...

drool drool drool drool drool.

karl: hindi siya fox! tanooki!

errm, that's him being a raccoon (tanooki), not a fox hehehe.

magrenew na ako ng passport, punta na ako diyan!

fortuitous faery said...

yes, mommyba...mario is the cutest mushroom-eating plumber i know! hehe.

haha, thanks for the correction, karl! only a true fan would know!

meron pang isang design nung shirt...naka-frog costume naman sia and swimming underwater!

gingmaganda said...

ang kyoooot. drooooool.

Anonymous said...

Am not so much into video games. Parang pacman lang ata at tetris kaya ng powers ko. wahaha. pero cute si mario. AT GUSTO KO NG TSHIRT!!!! Waaaaahh!

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