under my umbrella

summer is creeping into new york city, with temperatures predicted to soar to the 90's this coming week. not too long ago, mornings in the city were drenched with some leftover rain of the departing spring season.

these sassy umbrellas caught my eye at one of the streets intersecting with times square. the designs on them feature the new york skyline. now that's a new york souvenir you can actually use! umbrellas are one of my favorite things.

start spreading the views!

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Anonymous said...

I hate to bring umbrellas. Kasi istorbo sa bag chka hassle dalhin. Pero with that kind of umbrella, gusto ko na!Aba! Galing nueba york ata ito!

fortuitous faery said...

malaki tong umbrellas nila...i prefer the ones that you just press and automatically pop open...and fit in your purse! so i don't mind bringing umbrellas as long as it can fit in my bag.

i also choose umbrellas with pretty prints. for me, umbrellas are also a fashion statement! haha.

here in america, people don't use umbrellas when it's hot, unlike we pinoys do. pag malakas lang talaga ulan, that's when they use umbrellas.

Anonymous said...

designer umbrellas... i like.

SHIELA said...

me, i don't care any size and type basta pag umulan hindi ako nababasa...oks na.

love the picture. well taken :)

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