"dagta: antolohiya ng erotika"

i had the pleasure of finding this book in the mailbox on monday from gingmaganda (purple iris not included) along with a pretty painting postcard!

"dagta" (literally translates to the sticky sap that tends to ooze from trees, stems or otherwise) is an anthology of erotic prose and poetry compiled by j. luis camacho, illustrated by adam david and published by fox books. the title is suggestive and its definition is best left to the imagination of the open-minded reader. warning: this book is for mature readers! in other words, keep out of reach (and sight) of children!

gingmaganda is among the contributors in this book (read her work, "mga tala kay mary clarisse maligaya, year IV-chastity"). the stories and poems beckon readers as a seductress would a lover, stripping off the multitude of emotions until all that's left is pure lust--the consummation of fleshly desires. it's almost like reading the racy writings of xerex in the abante tabloid, but these works are beautifully written, honest, straightforward, brutally vivid and funny at times. they would undoubtedly leave a lingering, sap-like stain in the minds (and who knows where else?) of the readers-turned-voyeurs.

thank you for sending me a copy, ging! you rock!

for more info about the book and where to purchase, read gingmaganda's blog. the book was launched in april 2008.

3 vandalized my wall:

gingmaganda said...

thanks din connie! astig ka!

fortuitous faery said...

mas astig ka pa rin! hehe. :)

Unknown said...

How lucky am I. I've got a copy of this. Looking for next volume.

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