isn't it IRONic?

iron man
stop, in the name of stark!

the latest marvel comicbook superhero to blast through the big screen in supersonic speed is "iron man" embodied perfectly by robert downey, jr. as the enigmatic businessman tony stark.

*warning: spoilers ahead!*

he's a genius inventor with a penchant for fast missiles, fast cars, fast sex--things that would make most men wish to be in his "titanium alloy" shoes. and if your personal assistant is gwyneth paltrow, who wouldn't? the story of his transformation into "iron man" was originally set during the vietnam war, but this movie updates it ever so appropriately by incorporating afghan terrorists who kidnap him and forces him to create a weapon of mass destruction. the scene where he looks battered and flanked by masked men aiming rifles at him while one of them reads a threatening message in a foreign language is an all too familiar image in everyone's consciousness.

what is the stark difference between him and other superheroes? while others have a dark, brooding past and chant "with great power comes great responsibility" as their mantra, tony stark--or at least as downey, jr. personifies him--actually has a sense of humor. even his first stages of perfecting the suit's design has some slapstick scenes involving his little AI robots. he wasn't "born" with superpowers, the high-tech features were instead "built into" his special armor. it's "pimp your hide" for humans--the only model being himself.

and as tradition would have it with marvel-inspired movies, marvel comics giant stan lee has a cameo appearance here, just as he did in "spiderman" and "x-men."

there is a battle of david and goliath of sorts in the climax, and the ending undoubtedly begs for a sequel(s). i confess, i am now a groupie (blame it on robert downey, jr.'s buff body and sexy charm, and oh how he looks in those tank tops! haha)--and i am frustrated that there are no more iron man action figures at the burger king near me! the kids meal toys sold out within days from the movie's first showing!

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Anonymous said...

it's a bit fuzzy whether Samuel Jackson's surprising cameo in the credits is part of the 2nd installment or on the Avengers movie coming out in 2011, nevertheless Iron Man does deserve another run at the box office.

fortuitous faery said...

two more iron man sequels, por favor! hehe.

docemdy said...

Agree with how Robert Downey looks so good.

BTW, in the Philippines, Jollibee is the one handling the merchandise. I think it should have been Burger King. After all when Tony Stark asked for an American cheeseburger, he was handed one from Burger King!

fortuitous faery said...

exactly, doc em! that's why when i saw the BK paper bag in the movie, i knew immediately where to look for the toys!

strange why BK in the philippines didn't distribute iron man toys? are the jollibee toys any good? :P

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