bitten by the green thumb bug

el money plant
it's nice outside, so i thought i'd put on a pair of purple latex gloves, a red freebie surgeon's hat and my trusty digicam with a new 512MB memory card to snap pictures of the pretty flowers in bloom around our garden.

my first photo subject was the pink tulip. as i knelt down to zoom in on the said flower, something sharp pierced through my denim jeans and into my left knee. YEOWCH! a thorn from a wayward little plant. where the &*$%^ did that come from?! apart from this freak garden accident, our neighbor must have been startled to see me squatting before a bunch of tulips with camera in hand and a bright red bandanna-looking hat on my head.

i decided that gardening would be my anti-stress therapy this spring season. nothing drastic, just transferring little plants here and there. transplanting ivy vines onto our garden arch to give it a little life. and then adding some purple to barren spots with these scattered "money plants" (picture above). they're called such because they eventually sprout coin-shaped flat seed pods by the dozen.

i'm trying to grow my favorite herbs in small pots too. i bought seeds from the dollar spot at target for thyme, cilantro and parsley. no sign of green so far. i know, patience is a virtue. diligent watering helps too. haha.

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