"my baby's got a secret..."

if i would pick a theme song for this book of compiled postcards from anonymous senders displaying their deepest, but not necessarily darkest, secrets...it would be madonna's "secret." well, i admit, i'm a fan of hers. i always look for her songs when i flip through the videoke songbook. her songs are videoke singer-friendly. hehe.

the book i'm referring to is "postsecret : extraordinary confessions from ordinary lives" by frank warren. the contents are originally from the website (www.postsecret.blogspot.com) created by the author as a community art project where people can send in their secrets, no matter how taboo, perverted, or just downright silly in the form of a postcard. every week, the website is updated with about a dozen hand-made postcards. i've been visiting it more often since i stumbled upon a link to that website.

i got my copy of the book in the mail today. it's hardbound with a dustcover with a mail packaging shade of brown. it's cheaper when you order it through overstock.com than getting it at full price ($24.95) from your local bookstore.

amazing how creative and brutally honest a person can be on a small postcard. some revelations are funny, some are heart-breaking, some are wishes and desires, some are mundane...but all are genuinely interesting.


i went to an orthopedic doctor last thursday for my injured shoulder. the good news is, my arm is healing fine, he said. he required me to wear the sling for three weeks, shorter than i had expected. he also carefully extended my arm and moved it a bit. it felt weird and sore, naturally. i winced at the slightest motion.

i am determined to move my right hand more so that my holding and writing muscles won't go idle.

it's still hard to sleep, because every now and then i'd feel sudden sparks of sharp pain on various parts of my upper right arm. the doctor has explained that it's the bruised ligaments and tissues healing themselves.

on a positive note, i've managed to utilize my left hand more, since i don't really have a choice. typing with it is manageable, but eating with a spoon is a little challenging, especially whenever rice is involved.


we are having a blizzard overnight. the forecast says we'll have around 12 inches of snow. maybe i'll make a one-armed snowman.

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