dislocating your humerus is NOT humorous

i had a freak accident early monday morning when i woke up to feed our cat.

i fell down the stairs and dislocated my right shoulder. i'm right-handed, by the way.

"ouch" is a mild word for that.

i was rushed to the ER at the shriek of dawn...well, not rushed but carefully driven because the slightest road bump is absolutely painful to my disfigured arm. thank god i have a nurse for a mom who used a scarf as an improvized sling.

the doctor pulled my arm back into place. not a fun experience. now i'm wearing an arm sling and swath which i will probably wear for 4-6 weeks. i'm forced to use my left hand now, which is quite a challenge. writing with it makes me feel like a toddler just beginning to learn how to write.

so kids, don't try dislocating your shoulders, or any of your body parts for that matter.

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