ton and reeze relayed a spooky story which happened today at the ust library about the fire drill they had at that building. it happened around 230pm, ton and reeze were studying. according to them, they were told that the drill would only last for 10 minutes, so that they could all go back inside. so they all exited the building. they wondered what was taking it so long. one of the firefighters allegedly claimed that there was a nun at the fifth floor, humanities section who wouldn't go down even as the building was already empty. when the firefighters went back with a security guard to coax the nun to exit, she was no longer there. now, each section at the library requires you to leave an ID before you enter. it was said that there was no ID of such nun in the box.



one of our profs, in the spirit of valentine's, shed light on the difference between a "motel" and a "hotel." he also advised us to steer clear from roads leading to motels as they were sure to be clogged.

hotels-people go there to rest, rejuvenate, recuperate.
motels-people go there to "work" (do i hear missy elliot singing?)
hotels-you pay by the day.
motels-you pay by the hour.
hotels-when people leave, they look refreshed.
motels-when people leave, they look very tired, almost to the point of crawling on the ground.


of course, many people were buying flowers today, especially roses. ling dropped by dos castillos street to buy some roses for her nephews so they can give it to their teachers for valentine's. a bouquet of roses which ordinarily sold for P50 now sells for as much as P150.

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