today i had a field trip inside the UP campus, courtesy of the UP ikot jeepney, in my quest to buy bar answer books at the UP law center. i requested the driver to drop me off at the "UP complex", as per instructions of my friend ling. apparently, he's never heard of such place, and he wondered if i was referring to the gym or the shopping place. well, his ikot route was about to end and he was not able to drop me off at my destination, so i just got off somewhere in front of the kalayaan dormitory. i called ling up for directions, and she advised me to just ask some people where the law building is. i was able to ask a group of muslim students where the law building is, and they courteously guided me to walk straight up magsaysay street, bocobo hall is my destination. it was a short walk, but then i did not find a building marked "UP complex". instead, i found the UP law center and behind it was malcolm hall. i figured that UP complex was actually UP law center, since they're the ones publishing the books i'm looking for. to my disappointment though, the sign at the entrance said it's closed.

i meant to take pictures of the trees and sceneries inside the campus, as i had a camera with me, but it was so darned hot i decided to just take a jeep back to philcoa. my quest was futile. i rewarded myself for my adventure by purchasing a pirated vcd of "the ring zero" at tandang sora. i hope it's a good enough copy. i asked the vendor if they were raided by the police, and they said yes, but that it's been a while since they were last raided.

i ate at KFC at tandang sora, because it was so hot and i wanted to cool up my skin a little. a group of young boys occupied two tables connected together. apparently, someone was celebrating his birthday and treated his friends to KFC. how cute, a valentine birthday. i remember i used to write a friend in baguio who had a valentine birthday too. i wonder if he married his american girlfriend already.


my favorite valentine text for today came from spanky:

"valentine's isnt only 4 lovers, but it shld also be a time 2 reflect on our past loves and hope that THEY ARE ALIVE, ALONE & MISERABLE!

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