"tonight i need your sweet caress, hold me in the darkness
tonight you calm my restlessness, you relieve my sadness..."

was singing along to ling's car stereo which was tuned in to this station playing mostly sappy love songs. she asked me, "in love ka ba?"--to which i answered, "hindi no!"...and then continued singing.

went to the novaliches post office situated way up there in a subdivision called forest hills. i claimed my valentine parcel from my sister which consisted of care bears and strawberry shortcake stickers, a valentine card, and these wendy's hospitality mints which taste really good but which i haven't the opportunity to bring with me on my flight back here. they're free at every wendy's restaurant in NJ.

it was so hot today. i found out that there were pirated vcd merchants in novaliches bayan. they had copies of "the ring 2." didn't buy anything though. although i was interested in buying a chinese movie called "time and tide," but that copy turned out to be defective when the guy tried to play it.

tonight one of our profs was absent, and cess had this idea of passing the time by playing tic tac toe on her yellow paper. reeze used hearts instead of circles. candy observed, "ito ba ang nilalaro ng mga law student?" then after that, we played spin a wheel (or win), in which cess and i teamed up against ton and reeze. we were to think of a movie title for the other group to guess. cess and i won, we figured out the title "huwag kang kikibo, Diyos ang hihipo". i have never heard of this movie. ours was "mahal kita, final answer." trust cess to think of a particularly unusual jologs movie title. hehe.

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